Monday, January 7, 2013

Cat Constipation- Causes,Symptoms and Treatment of Constipation in Cats

Constipation in cats isn't a disease, but constipation is a relatively common condition affecting primarily older cats. Cats always have at least one healthy bowel movement every day. However, if your cat is passing dry, straining, hard stools when trying to defecate or making unsuccessful trips to the litter box. This may be a sign that your cat is constipated, please see your veterinarian.
For those cats, chronic constipation lead to a condition called megacolon,  the colon becomes abnormally dilated & enlarged, a potentially fatal complication.
What are the causes of constipation in cats?
+Crying and Straining out in pain when trying to eliminate.
+Dehydration:Chronic low-level dehydration is a very common cause for constipation, especially among diabetic.
+Hair Ingestion:Longhaired cats are both at risk of ingesting hair during self-grooming.
+Low-fiber diet:Diet which are low in fibre can cause constipation.
+Old Age:Older cats are prone to constipation due to a lack of exercise, a reduce in the contraction of the large bowel.
+Obstruction of the colon
+Bone Ingestion:Sometimes cats that hunt for birds and rodents often ingest bones and bones can cause constipation.
In general if you don't know the cause, please consult a vet.
What are symptoms of constipation in cats?
+Painful abdomen
+Poor appetite or even loss of appetite
+Painful defecation
+Small hard stool
How treatment constipation in cats?
Generally depending on what’s causing your cat’s constipation, your veterinarian can recommend one or several of the following treatments:
+With mild constipation, your vet may recommend bulk-forming laxatives.
+Stool softener
+Medicine to increase the contractile strength of the large intestine
+High-fiber diet
+Surgery to remove congestion in the bowels
+Increase in water intake
Generally constipation in cats can easily recover from the problem with proper attention and won't necessarily experience it again.

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