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Cat Ear Mites- Causes, Symptoms and Treatment of Ear Mite in Cats

Ear mite infection is one of the most common health problems seen in cats. Ear mites are tiny parasites that live out their life cycle mostly inside the ear canal.They are very common, and will cause severe irritation and itchiness of the ears. Complications may arise when an animal has an immune hypersensitivity reaction that results in intense irritation of the external ear. Ear mites are most often seen in kittens, but they can influence cats of any age.
Symptoms of Ear mite in Cats
Cats that are afflicted with ear mites will typically scratch at the ears excessively and shake their heads, even dragging out their own hair and drawing blood as they scratch. This type of mange is common in young cats, although it may appear at any age. It is known for being highly contagious, regularly passing from parent to newborn, as well as between animals of different species (this mite does not affect humans). Not all cats will display symptoms of ear mites but often they will scratch at their ears & or shake their heads.
Other symptoms can include:
+Itching of the ears, head and neck
+Sometimes generalized itching
+Frequently shaking the head
+Thick red-brown and black crusts in the outer ear
+Coffee ground as bumps in the ear canal
+Abrasions or scratches on the back side of the ears
+Crusting and scale on the neck, rump and tail
+Reddish/brown discharge in the ear
+Bleeding from the ear
+Scratch marks
Cat ear mites
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Cause of Ear mite in Cats
Ear mites thrive in the warm moist area where the air flow is restricted. They eat epidermal debris and ear wax. Ear mites primarily live in the ear canal, where they eat skin debris. Their presence causes inflammation, and may lead to secondary ear infections. Cats are more commonly affected than dogs. Ear mites are spread generally by direct contact with another animal that has ear mites (they are commonly seen in outdoor cats).
Treatment of Ear mite in Cats
You can purchase ear mite treatments from your usual pet supply store or your veterinarian will prescribe an oily insecticide to treat the ear canals.The best way to do this is with a cotton ball or soft cloth dipped in vegetable oil. Your veterinarian will be able to prescribe a commercial insecticide to kill the mites and you must continue for two weeks to beat the life cycle of the mite.

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