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Dog Bite - Treatment for Dog Bite

Dog bites are common, especially in children. Almost one half of all dog bites involve an animal owned by the victim's family or neighbors. In most cases, the wound that results from an animal bite is minor and can be treated with simple first aid. This includes: cleaning the wound immediately and thoroughly by running it under warm water for a couple of minutes encouraging the wound to bleed by gently squeezing it, unless it is already bleeding freely using painkillers, like ibuprofen or paracetamol, to help relieve the pain and infection.
The most common complication of an animal or human bite is the bite becoming infected by bacteria. The saliva of any mammal contains hundreds of million bacteria from many different species, many of which can cause an infection. Signs that a bite has become infected include the following:
Dog Bite
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+Redness and swelling around the wound
+The wound becomes more painful
+Fluid or pus is leaking from the wound
What is the treatment for a dog bite?
There are three important treatment issues that need to be addressed with a dog bite:,the skin damage, injury to underlying tissues like muscle, nerve, and bone or infection.
Treatment for Dog Bite ( with Puncture Wounds)
Puncture wounds are those in which the dog's teeth pierce into the skin but no tearing of the skin takes place. The treatment must be administered as soon as the victim has managed to set himself free of the dog or at least within eight hours of the bite. Secure the dog up in a crate and take the victim as far away as possible from the dog. Begin administering the treatment by following basic first aid guidelines. If the victim is bleeding badly, consider stopping the bleeding by applying pressure. When the bleeding stops, clean up the area of the bite with an antibacterial or anti-septic solution
Treatment for Dog Bite (with Laceration)
In case of laceration wounds, the skin is torn by the penetration of the dog's teeth into the skin. This is a serious type of wound and demands immediate medical attention. Stitches might be required to cure this type of wound and it often leaves back a noticeable scar. This type of wound might also require more time to heal as compared to the puncture wounds.
Dog Bite Care
In both the types of dog bites, antibiotics should be administered to prevent infections that can be caused by the bacteria deposited by the dog's teeth. Allowing the blood to flow for some minutes after the bite will also help eliminate the bacteria. If the dog has it vaccinations in place, the victim could require a tetanus shot, else rabies vaccination must be administered. It is essential for the prevention of rabies and sepsis.

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