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Valley fever in dogs- Symptoms and Treatment for Canine Valley Fever

Canine valley fever originates in a dog as he inhales the coccidioidomycosis fungal spores. These spores are frequently found in dirt as well as in arid areas of the desert. The fungus thrives well in sandy alkaline soils in regions with low rainfall, very high temperatures, as well as low elevation and dusty areas of the deep southwestern United States & especially in Arizona and California along with Texas. It also exists in Mexico and in parts of Central and South America. Although it's not typically fatal, the condition will progress to more severe health concerns, such as pneumonia and the symptoms becomes more detrimental and more pronounced.
Cause of Canine valley fever
Canine valley fever originates in a dog as he inhales the coccidioidomycosis fungal spores. When dogs disturb the soil when digging, they will breathe some of the fungus spores. Usually, the immune system will kill the infection. Even so, if the immune system won't act quick enough, the infection will spread to the lungs and the rest of the body.
Symptoms of valley fever in dogs
The symptoms of  valley fever in dogs do not usually start to surface until about three weeks post-infection. Sometimes, the dog don't possess any signs of a primary infection in the lungs, such as coughing, but is going to develop symptoms of disseminated disease(ie, lameness or seizures). Owners of affected dogs may notice one or more of the following signs in the early course of the disease:
Difficulty breathing
Loss of appetite
The lungs are most often affected by this fungus. The lungs are certainly not really the only organs affected, as this illness may affect any tissue in your dog's body. Frequent symptoms include neck and back pain or seizures, a few dogs also develop skin ulcerations.
Treatment for Canine valley fever
Most dogs with Valley Fever are treated as outpatients. The vet may choose to administer an antifungal treatment (azoles include ketoconazole, itraconazole and fluconazole). For a ample antifungal therapy most dogs recover from the disease. Also,  dogs should be fed a high quality, particularly tasty diet with free access to fresh water. When this disease is properly treated, your dog will probably recover. Almost dogs begin back acting normally 7 days after treatment has begun. However, this illness might be fatal. Older dogs and puppies with a weak immune system have the most risk of dying from this disease.
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