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All about Dog Pregnancy

Dog Pregnancy
To understand dog pregnancy, you should first get a general comprehension of how her body works. If you have a dog that is pregnant, it is a great idea to learn about the dog pregnancy stages so you know what to expect during the approximately 63 days that your dog will be pregnant.  It averages 63 days from the day of ovulation (the normal range is 56 to 66 days). Note that the day of ovulation is not usually the same as the day of breeding.  Pregnant dog symptoms are the same from dog to dog.
The Signs of Dog Pregnancy
Your dog could be pregnant and you may not notice anything at all, because the first symptoms are more subtle than any other time. The first pregnant dog symptoms might include a few different things.
+First Stages with Morning Sickness
One of the first things that you will realize in your pregnant dog is a change in your dog’s behavior. You could see your dog vomiting from morning sickness or you might notice that you dog is hungrier than usual. If your dog has morning sickness, your dog may not want to eat much, yet it is important that you feed your dog small meals throughout the day. You need to certainly keep track of how much your dog is drinking to be sure that she does not get dehydrated. Almost dogs won't skip more than one day or two without eating at least a little bit. If your dog decline to eat 3 days in a row, it will eventually then be time to call your vet for a few advice.
+Second Stage with Little Babies in the Belly & Increased Appetite
The second stage occurs at about 30 days. Now, it is very important to see that your dog is eating regularly and well. Some dogs practical experience a marked increase in their appetite nearly immediately on becoming pregnant. If this is the case, your dog may gobble down her food quickly and then remain by her bowl as though asking for much more. It is important to talk to your vet about your dog and what she should be eating and if there are vitamins or anything else you dog should be eating.
+Check Your Dog’s Temperature
The final pregnant dog symptoms that you will notice is a temperature change just before your dog gives birth. If you know the day that your dog mated, you may have a small window of time that your dog will give birth. If you will not know the day, then the best way to tell when your dog is ready to give birth is to monitor her temperature. Dogs have a standard temperature, just as humans, but dogs have a temperature of 101 degrees Fahrenheit. When your dog goes into labor, the dog’s temperature will raises and then drop to under 98 degrees Fahrenheit. When your dog’s temperature drops, you will expect to see puppies during the next 24 hours of time.
In summary, if you think that your dog may be pregnant, you should take your dog to the vet who will do an ultrasound to determine if your dog really is pregnant. Almost vets will want to wait until your dog is at least 21 days into the pregnancy, since it is easier to see the little puppies in the uterus.
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