Thursday, February 14, 2013

Useful Tips for First Time Cat Owners

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So you want to have a cat for a pet? That's all fine, since cats are among the leading choices for pets and they actually do make excellent pets, but what if it is your very first time to have a feline as your pet, are you ready to take care of it? And when I say take care of it, I mean take care of it in the proper manner and deal with every issue that comes along with taking care of that particular type of animal.
Having the right intentions and genuinely wanting to care for your new pet cat might be present right from the start, but that might not be enough to properly care for your cat. Sure, it might be all right at the start, but in the long run there's bound to be some problems if you are really not equipped with the right knowledge of taking care of your cat.
Even though you might have already taken care of some other pets in the past - or you might still have other pets - that doesn't automatically make you ready for a cat. Each pet is unique, so you better equip yourself with the proper know how. Some helpful tips for first time cat owners are given below. Read on and learn what you need to know about your new feline friend:
  • It is advisable that your pet cat be kept within your home as much as possible. The main reason being that those cats that live indoors tend to live longer than those cats that are allowed to just roam wherever they please and are left unsupervised by their owners. You should provide your cat with cat trees, scratching posts, different kinds of toys that would continue that would be interesting to it, then your cat will not just like the indoors but actually thrive in it. And don't forget some cardboard boxes in corners would help as well.

  • When deciding about getting your cat, you might initially be thinking of getting one that is of pure breed. However, you can opt to go to your local pet shelter and find that there are plenty of homeless cats there that are just waiting to be adopted and for a home that will welcome and love them. Pet shelters also usually provide the needed vaccinations, neutering, spaying, and microchipping.

  • Provide your cat with the best food and nutrition that you can. In order for them to be in top health, they need to consume meat protein, Even though it is quite convenient to give them dry food, you really need to limit it a little since cats don't require too much carbohydrates. It would be best to feed them with high quality grain less food that's sufficiently moist since cats don't really drink too much water. It would keep them properly hydrated.

  • Make sure that you take your cat to veterinary clinic regularly. You need to make their health and well being a priority, so you ought to familiarize yourself and your beloved cat with the vet clinic and its staff.

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

All About Picking Dog Food

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If you are considering raising a dog, you have to know that it requires a lot of patience and most importantly, it requires time because pets like getting their master's attention. There are actually a lot of food choices for your pets. What you can do is check out pet stores or pet shops that offer pet owners tons of pet foods. This is why if you do not know anything about what ingredients and nutrients your pet needs, then you should read this article so you would know how to pick one. Here are some of the things that you should be looking at:
If you wish to shop for the perfect dog food, you should just limit it to 3 choices. This is because it would give you a lot of time to check out the label and compare it. When choosing the best food for your pets, you have to make sure that you read the label to be able to know what nutrients your pets would get.
A visit to the vet would also help you a lot. This is because your vet can recommend some of the pet foods which would be perfect for your pet's diet. You have to ensure that you ask your vet regarding the best nutrients that would be perfect for your pet.
Try looking for chicken, turkey and meat as ingredients of your pet's food. These things offer your pets protein that could help your pets become more active and energetic. Meat is one of the primary nutrients that your pets need especially those that have very active lifestyle. Be sure to find pet foods that are high in protein because it is also going to help your pets live longer.
Dogs just like human beings also need some good bacteria in their system which is also known as probiotics. There are tons of pet foods that contain probiotics or you can ask you vet how you can obtain probiotics to help improve your pets digestion. Another reason why probiotics is necessary for your pets' health is because it is known to eliminate all of the harmful bacteria which are known to cause some digestive problems. If you want your pets to stay healthy at all times, be sure to include probiotics in their diet.
Be sure to check out these choices so you would definitely be able to pick the best dog food for your pets.

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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Some Tips For Making Sure Your Dog Stays Healthy

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If you are the proud owner of a little pup (or a big pup!), one thing that will be important to you is that you are taking good care of this lovable little canine; but of course, as much as most people have a desire to take good care of their dogs, many of them do not actually have a complete concept of what this means - and so, here is a look at four specific things you can make sure you are doing in order to take good care of your dog.
1) Feed your dog premium dog food: As is the case with people, what you put into your dog's body will end up making quite a difference in your dog's health! A lot of people try to save money on the dog food they are buying, but they end up costing themselves more money in the long run, as they end up with a dog more prone to illness - a dog who requires more visits to the vet; better to spend a little extra money now, and to both save money in the long run and have a dog who is a whole lot healthier!
2) Regular checkups are important: If you are a parent, you know that you do not simply look at your children and decide - from your vantage point of "no medical expertise" - that they look perfectly fine, and therefore have no need of visiting the doctor. Instead, if you have a child, you are going to be making sure they have checkups every six months, no matter how healthy they appear on the surface, and the same goes for your dog; your dog should be looked at every six to 12 months, in order for you to ensure nothing is wrong with it.
3) Regular physical exercise is vital: If a dog sits around all day, and has no real physical stimulation besides the short walk they get in the evening, they are probably not going to be as healthy as you would like for them to be; just like people, dogs need regular exercise, so make sure you are taking your dog out to places where it can run around and have some fun!
4) Mental exercise is necessary, too: Mental exercise is actually just as important as physical exercise for many breeds of dog; if a dog does not have anything to do all day but eat and move from sleeping spot to sleeping spot, its mind will become dull, and its body will follow - but if you regularly "exercise" your dog's brain by making them practice their obedience and their tricks, your dog will remain far more engaged with the world around them, and will remain healthier as a result.
The better job you do of paying attention to your dog's health needs, the healthier you will find your dog is - so keep these tips in mind, and continue learning all you can!

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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Foods for Constipation in Dogs

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Constipation can be painful and confusing for your dog, but there are many foods to relieve constipation and provide your dog with comfort. Constipation may be difficult to diagnose, but veterinarians warn that it's important to recognize it as early as possible.

Causes of Constipation

Though diarrhea is easy to diagnose, constipation may go by unnoticed, especially if your dog relieves himself outside without you watching. Constipation can usually be recognized by:
  • painful abdomen
  • straining during bowel movements
  • lack of appetite
  • flatulence
  • change in color of stool
While constipation is often caused by diet, it can also be caused by lack of exercise, stress, parasites or illnesses such as irritable bowel syndrome. If it continues, consults your veterinarian.


One of the best remedies for an ailing digestive system—either diarrhea or constipation—is pumpkin. This can be natural or canned pumpkin, but not pumpkin pie mix. Add a couple of spoonfuls to your dog's food for two or three days and see if symptoms improve. Most dogs like the taste, so this shouldn't be a problem.

Bran or Grains

Just as fiber can help us clear our systems, it can also help your dog. Adding a spoonful of bran to your dog's food can relieve constipation as can other grains, such as oatmeal. Be sure to cook the oatmeal. Don't feed raw oats. You can also heat the bran with water to make it more appealing to your dog.
Some owners have also added a sprinkle of Metamucil to their dog's food, but if you do this, add to canned food only and add lots of water.

Fruits and Vegetables

Diets that are high in protein neglects some key ingredients that dogs need. Dogs are omnivores, not carnivores like cats, and benefit from the addition to fruits and vegetables in their diet. These fruits and vegetables can also help regulate your dog's digestive system.
Some healthy vegetables include:
  • green beans
  • broccoli
  • cauliflower
  • carrots
  • squash
  • zucchini
Just be sure to cook them and blend them in a blender or food processor so that your dog can utilize the nutrients. Healthy fruits include berries, apples and bananas. You can feed these with meals or as a healthy snack.

Mineral Oil

For severe cases of constipation, mineral oil may be your only course of action. However, use sparingly and only if other methods don't work because it can interfere with your dog's ability to absorb key nutrients.
Mineral oil can be given at a dose of 1 teaspoon per 10 pounds, but should be mixed with food. Don't apply directly to the tongue.


Sometimes, constipation is caused by dehydration, so just the simple act of adding water to your dog's food can be very effective. Add a few spoonfuls to your dog's dry food to make it soft or add enticement to your dog's water, such as a few drops of apple juice or tuna juice.
However, if symptoms persist despite dietary changes, consult your veterinarian. There may be a medical issue at the heart of your dog's problem.

Article Source: Foods to Relieve Constipation in Dogs - VetInfo
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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Every thing about Parvo in Dogs

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What is Parvo in Dogs?
Parvo( know as Canine parvovirus type 2) is a contagious virus mainly affecting dogs. The disease is highly infectious which is spread from dog to dog by direct or indirect contact with their feces. The more common form is the intestinal form, which is characterized by vomiting or diarrhea. The less popular form is the cardiac form, which attacks the heart muscle tissue of young puppies. The majority of cases are seen in puppies that are between six weeks and six months old. There are ways to help prevent the spread of parvo and as a responsible dog owner it is important to be familiar with these prevention methods.
Symptoms of Parvo in Dogs

The symptoms of Parvo include:
+High fever
+Loss of appetite
+Bloody diarrhea.
Parvo generally incubates for 5 to 10 days, which means 5 to 10 days soon after a dog is exposed to the virus they will infected. Most commonly dogs that have contracted this virus will become very lethargic, then may have a fever or will start vomiting and will also have diarrhea. It is important that if you ever notice blood in your dogs stool that you take them to the vet immediately.
Causes of Parvo in Dogs
There are a variety of risk factors that can increase a dog’s susceptibility to the disease, but mostly the virus is pass on either by direct contact with an infected dog, or may be indirectly by the fecal-oral route.  Weighty concentrations of the virus are normally found in an infected dog’s stool, therefore when a healthy dog sniffs an infected dog’s stool, it will eventually contract the disease. The virus can even be brought into a dog's environment by way of shoes that have come into contact with infected feces. If you suspect that you have come into contact with feces at all, you need clean up the affected area with household bleach and disinfectant known to kill the virus.
Treatment for Canine Parvovirus
Most veterinarians treat parvovirus with intravenous fluids and antibiotics. Also, treatment can sometimes include balancing the blood sugar and intravenous electrolytes or intravenous nourishment, and an antiemetic injection to lower nausea and vomiting. Since the disease is a viral infection, there is no real cure for it, or kill the virus. They are supportive therapies which help balance the dog long enough for his immune system to start counteracting the virus.
How do I protect my dog from becoming infected?
Vaccination is the key to prevent this disease and protect your dog. Breeding bitches need to be vaccinated before to becoming pregnant to ensure that the pups get the best start at immunity. Vaccinations need to begin at 6 weeks of age and speak with your veterinarian about what vaccination protocol is the best for your pet and your lifestyle.
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Some Homemade Dog Food Recipes

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Homemade Dog Food Recipes
There are many reasons for feeding your dog homemade dog food. One of these is how commercially prepared pet foods came into creation and are still made today. Commercially prepared dog foods did not even exist until the 1930s, when the meat and grain companies wanted to find something to do with their rejected products. These included products that were moldy, contaminated or even rancid. Then and now, pet food companies and veterinarians have a large stake in the pet food industry. There are high quality pet food products, however, it can be cheaper and much more beneficial to make your own "pet kibble".
Making Your Own Dog Food And How to Make Dog Treats
It is recommended for people that prepare homemade dog food recipes that the ingredients consist of 1/3 protein (chicken breast, ground beef, egg, cottage cheese, and tofu) 2/3 whole grains (long grain white or brown rice, white or sweet potatoes, pastas, oats, barley, couscous and tapioca). With all of these ingredients cooked properly.
Another reason is due to canine diabetes. The fillers in prepared dog foods can cause your dogs sugar levels to sky-rocket. It is also not a good idea to free-feed your diabetic dog. Their portions need to be kept to 2 to 3 smaller meals throughout the day. The smaller meals help stabilize the blood sugars. Here is a recipe that is recommended by a vet nutritionist along with one human multivitamin a day.
1 cup cooked brown long grain rice
1 cup cooked chicken breast
1/2 cup green beans
1/2 cup mixed vegetables
1/2 cup cottage cheese
Mix together and serve. Quite simple.
This recipe is based on feeding a 60 pound dog and should be adjusted to your dogs weight and eating habits.
Diabetic Dog Food Treat Recipe
1/2 cup wheat flour
2 eggs
1 and 1/2 pounds beef liver, cut into pieces
1) Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 celsius). Line a 10 x 15 in. jellyroll pan with parchment paper.
2) Place the liver into a food processor. Pulse until finely chopped. If there is room add the flour and eggs and process until smooth. Otherwise transfer into a bowl and stir in the flour and eggs until smooth. Spread evenly in the prepared pan.
3) Bake for 15 minutes in preheated oven, or until center is firm. Cool, then cut into squares. The treats will have a spongy consistency. Store in a sealed container in the refrigerator.
Homemade dog food recipes can be very beneficial for dogs with food allergies. It is very important to find out if it is a meat allergy so you can eliminate the offending meat. These recipes will include meat, but you can interchange the meat for any of the proteins mentioned previously.
Chicken Recipe
1 pound chicken chopped or ground
1 cup basmati (or hull free) rice
2 tablespoon olive oil
1 cup cooked cauliflower (or whatever vegetable your pooch enjoys)
1 teaspoon bone meal (provides calcium and can be purchased from many online suppliers)
Pet tab based on pet size (provides daily nutrition requirement also available online)
1/2 cup cream of wheat
Cook all (grinding the meal and pet tab together) then mix together in large bowl. Store in separate containers for daily feeding. This is also freezable for later use. Will store in fridge for up to three days.
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Dog Bad Breath

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Canine bad breath will take the fun out of holding your pet and getting those doggie kisses. This can also get so bad that nobody wants your pet around him or her. Of course this is embarrassing for you and hard on them because of the rejection they will receive. Nobody wants a stinky dog around them. But worse of all it can mean health problems for you pet.
We have all heard of "doggy breath" but truthfully a healthy dog does not have bad breath. There are many causes of this problem but the most common cause is the teeth and gums. Any cause of foul smelling breath or halitosis should be checked into as to the reason for this.
Canine dental care:
Periodontal disease can become very serious if not treated. Inflammation of the gums means infection of the tissue. If not treated this can predispose your pet to heart disease, diabetes, respiratory disease, arthritis and possibly other chronic diseases.
Plaque is caused from the acid in saliva and bacteria that sticks to the teeth. Calculus is the yellow brown material that sticks to the plaque. These cause an irritant and the beginning of periodontal disease.
Canine dentistry:
Canine bad breath is not something your dog should have. OK they don't have a sweet minty breath but it should in no way smell foul. His gums should be pink and healthy, his teeth white and firm.
Pet oral care:
Chewing is the natural way for a dog to clean their teeth. In the wild they would rip raw meat from the bone. Naturally the domesticated dog does not do this. So we must furnish our pets with chews that help clean their teeth.
Chew items can be bones (you must be careful as to what kind and they must be raw) rawhides and chew toys. Biscuits can make them fat if given too many so they are not much good for cleaning teeth.
Bones need to be raw and you must be careful as to what type you give them. Do not use cooked bones, poultry bones and pork bones as they can splinter and cause a number of problems and even death. So be very careful if you decide to give your pet a bone.
Chew toys are a great choice because they are made to encourage chewing. They are made up to endure the chewing and help to clean the teeth. A rawhide is fine once in awhile but you don't want to give your dog a steady diet of them. These also could cause them to gain weight and have problems if given too many.
Canine bad breath is not normal so please take care when this happens. Chances are it is his teeth but no matter what is causing it you want it treated. This is not only for your relief but for his comfort even more so than yours.

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