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Dog Upset Stomach- Causes, Symptoms and Treatment of Upset Stomach in Dogs

Stomach upset in dogs is a common problem that most dog owners have to deal with. Dogs can be vulnerable to stomach ailments like human. Eating large volumes of food or the wrong types of food can lead to an upset stomach. Almost dogs recover quickly but some may need to visit the veterinarian. In any case, consult with your veterinarian as soon as possible.
Causes of Upset Stomach in Dogs
The most common causes of upset stomach are dog diet related. Dogs may be allergic to the food they are eating, or eat too fast, or eat too much. It’s also popular for dogs to eat things they shouldn’t like coins, string, balls, food wrappers, etc . Stress, motion sickness and physical trauma may also cause upset stomach. Any of these issues can cause upset stomach in your pet. Some  more possible causes are:
+Changes made in a dog’s diet
+Parasites like worms
+Stale food
+Injury to the stomach area
+Serious Stomach Issues
Symptoms of Upset Stomach in Dogs
Dogs get an upset stomach from several causes that might range from eating too fast to an obstruction in their intestines. Below are some of the most common symptoms that your dog may have an upset tummy:
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+Lack of appetite
+Increased thirst
+High fever
These symptoms can appear individually or in combination with some other symptoms.

Treatment for Upset Stomach in Dogs
If the cause of your dog’s upset stomach is not something serious, your vet will may tell you to rest your dog’s stomach for 24 hours and don’t feed him in order to let his stomach calm itself. After the completion of 24 hours, you will feed the dog a little bland food to check if the upset stomach is any better. While feeding the dog bland food, you may add a little yogurt to the food. The bacteria in the yogurt can help regulate the dog's bowel movements and will also reduce intestinal inflammation. Your vet may also give you other instructions to help your queasy pet feel better by telling you to give him an appropriate dose of something like Pepto-Bismol.
Monitoring is Important
It’s important to monitor the situation to make sure things aren’t getting worse, be sure to pay attention to your dog’s condition. If the above methods aren’t working, your vet may have to intervene. For example, sometimes upset stomach and throwing up can mean your dog has an infestation of parasites like round worms and must be treated accordingly
Generally, by knowing the symptoms and causes of upset stomach in dogs, you can better be able to recognize your dog's discomfort and get him treated quickly.

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  1. Numerous factors can trigger upset stomach in dogs and the extent can be mild to severe. As long as you know the classic symptoms and understand the importance of progressive signs that makes the condition worse, this can be completely treatable. I also found additional information from this article: http://dogsaholic.com/care/dog-upset-stomach.html



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