Saturday, February 2, 2013

Some Tips For Making Sure Your Dog Stays Healthy


If you are the proud owner of a little pup (or a big pup!), one thing that will be important to you is that you are taking good care of this lovable little canine; but of course, as much as most people have a desire to take good care of their dogs, many of them do not actually have a complete concept of what this means - and so, here is a look at four specific things you can make sure you are doing in order to take good care of your dog.
1) Feed your dog premium dog food: As is the case with people, what you put into your dog's body will end up making quite a difference in your dog's health! A lot of people try to save money on the dog food they are buying, but they end up costing themselves more money in the long run, as they end up with a dog more prone to illness - a dog who requires more visits to the vet; better to spend a little extra money now, and to both save money in the long run and have a dog who is a whole lot healthier!
2) Regular checkups are important: If you are a parent, you know that you do not simply look at your children and decide - from your vantage point of "no medical expertise" - that they look perfectly fine, and therefore have no need of visiting the doctor. Instead, if you have a child, you are going to be making sure they have checkups every six months, no matter how healthy they appear on the surface, and the same goes for your dog; your dog should be looked at every six to 12 months, in order for you to ensure nothing is wrong with it.
3) Regular physical exercise is vital: If a dog sits around all day, and has no real physical stimulation besides the short walk they get in the evening, they are probably not going to be as healthy as you would like for them to be; just like people, dogs need regular exercise, so make sure you are taking your dog out to places where it can run around and have some fun!
4) Mental exercise is necessary, too: Mental exercise is actually just as important as physical exercise for many breeds of dog; if a dog does not have anything to do all day but eat and move from sleeping spot to sleeping spot, its mind will become dull, and its body will follow - but if you regularly "exercise" your dog's brain by making them practice their obedience and their tricks, your dog will remain far more engaged with the world around them, and will remain healthier as a result.
The better job you do of paying attention to your dog's health needs, the healthier you will find your dog is - so keep these tips in mind, and continue learning all you can!

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