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How is canine diabetes diagnosed?Treatment for diabetes in dogs

+Is my dog at risk?
Diabetes is one of the most common endocrine diseases affecting obese dogs and middle-aged dogs, with 60 percent of patients older than seven at the time of diagnosis. Diabetes seldom occurs in dogs younger than two year of age, and it is more common in females and neutered males than in intact males. Keeshonds,Poodles,Miniature Pinschers and Siberian Huskies may be at higher risk.
+How is canine diabetes diagnosed?
Diabetes can be a silent disease, so diagnosis is based on the signs the dog is displaying. Diagnosing diabetes is done through a series of blood tests and urine tests. A blood test that measures your dog’s blood glucose level is the most common diagnostic tool,normal levels for a dog will be 70 - 150 mg/dl, a diabetic dogs blood sugar might be greater then 200 mg/dl, but a high glucose level does not always mean diabetes. Your veterinarian will check your dogs urine for glucose, these testing are necessary to rule out other diseases that have similar symptoms to diabetes.
+The treatment for diabetes in dogs
Like in human, the treatment for diabetes in dogs through diet and insulin therapy. Your pet will need to be kept on a strict regimen of feedings and insulin injections, insulin must be injected and often needs to be given twice daily. For insulin to be most effective, insulin need injected just under the skin. A high fiber diet, proper weight management and regular exercise   can aid in control of diabetes mellitus.
Reason Insulin Is the Best Treatment for Diabetic Dogs?
The reason that insulin is the best treatment for canine diabetes is the fact that dogs with diabetes almost always suffer from insulin-dependent diabetes.
+Prevention of Canine Diabetes
A healthy diet and regular exercise usually is one of the most important things when it comes to prevention of canine diabetes.

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  1. A very effective way to diagnose you pet with diabetes is a test called A1c. It has been used in Humans for over a decade and is now becoming available for canines and felines.



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