Thursday, December 6, 2012

The symptoms and causes of Canine Diabetes

For years the rate of diabetes in America’s pets has more than tripled since 1975, so that today it affects about 1 in every 400 dogs. Diabetes is a common ailment in dogs,it seems to be more common  in middle aged dogs and in obese dogs. There are two types of diabetes: type 1 in which the pancreas doesn't produce enough insulin and type two in which the body's cells don't respond appropriately to insulin. Known as a silent killer, if not detected is a serious disease that strikes dogs and if left untreated can cause serious health complications. The key to protection is first knowing the symptoms & causes for canine diabetes.
The symptoms of canine diabetes:
 +Drinking more
 +Urinating more
 +Weight loss
 +Increased appetite
 +Sudden cataract formation
In more advanced cases is vomiting, weakness and coma. If your dog has any of these symptoms see your veterinarian immediately.
Pinpointing the causes of diabetes can lower your dog risk of developing this disease. What Are the causes of canine diabetes?
+Obesity:Dogs that are overweight have a higher risk of getting diabetes. Obesity can cause insulin resistance,when a dog does not produce insulin or can't use it normally, his blood sugar levels elevate the result is diabetes.
 +Old Age:Dogs who are middle aged to old aged are more likely to develop diabetes than younger dogs.
+Hereditary:Canine diabetes can be hereditary. If the dog's parents have diabetes there is a good chance he will also develop canine diabetes at some point.
+Reproductive Hormones:Reproductive hormones that may be present in an unspayed or an un-neutered canine may increase glucose levels and cause the dog to develop canine diabetes.
+Steroids:Regular steroid shots can cause under-production of insulin due to its negative effect    on the pancreas,then cause diabetes.

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