Sunday, November 18, 2012

The symptoms and causes of feline diabetes

Diabetes mellitus is a common disease in cats.The causes and symptoms in cats are similar to those in humans.There are two types of diabetes: insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus(IDDM) and non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus(NIDDM).About one-half to three-quarters of diabetic cat have and thus require insulin injections as soon as the disease is diagnosed.The rest have NIDDM, having said that most ultimately require insulin injections to control their disease. 
The first obvious symptoms of feline diabetes:
+Weight loss
+Excess urination and drinking
+Appetite is suddenly or no
+Weakness in hind legs
+Bad breath
The causes of feline diabetes.Did you know?
Nobody knows the exact cause of diabetes yet but obesity is a common cause of diabetes so preventing obesity can prevent diabetes in some cats. Cats that are at a higher risk of developing diabetes are middle aged cats (7-10 years), male neutered cats, Burmese cats .etc.
Depending on the severity & length of time your cat has been a diabetic you may not see all of these symptoms.Despite being so common, feline diabetes is often surrounded by much confusion,the disease has numerous differences when compared to diabetes mellitus in dogs and people, it is usually difficult to manage, and owner compliance and homecare forms an important part of the management. However with the right information and support from the veterinary practice, almost owners will cope well with treating a diabetic cat and owners play a vital role in maximising the chance of successful treatment.

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