Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Diagnosis of Feline Diabetes mellitus

Like humans, the diagnosis of diabetes mellitus in cats is based upon the presence of persistently high blood glucose levels (hyperglycemia) even when the animal had not eaten recently (fasted), glucose in the urine (glucosuria), and clinical signs. Weight loss, poor coat, dehydration can all point to diabetes (but may be caused by other diseases also).
Urine testing is adequate to show that a cat is diabetic but may not be accurate enough to enable proper control of blood sugar, so blood testing may be necessary. Diagnosis based on a single blood test may prove inaccurate as it is possible for the blood to show elevated glucose levels as a result of stress (transient hyperglycaemia).
Therefore a diagnosis based on a single blood & or urine test can’t give a definite diagnosis of diabetes. There are actually several solutions to this. Conduct several blood & urine tests over time. Try and collect a urine sample from home, when the cat is not stressed out.
Once diabetes has been diagnosed,immediate treatment is necessary.If untreated,diabetes will shorten a cat's lifespan.

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